When they come for you and me, and they have!


Love it.

All my life I have admired this man, right along with my admiration of Dr. King, Medgar Evers, Malcolm, H. Rap Brown, Hewey Newton, Angela Davis, and many others. They all have the one thing that I [personally] don’t have as much as as they all have, is courage.

Why? Because the Nation of Islam has ALWAYS been about self-reliance, self-protection, protecting our women, and guarding our health and protecting our bodies through what we eat and drink.

Christianity doesn’t do that.

The struggle of our Muslim brothers and sisters has always been our struggle, yet to many of us have looked upon their struggle against the imperial power(s) and thinking of the US Government as not ours, but it and it is and it has always has been.

All we need do is look at the decimation, the humiliation, the slaughter, the enslavement of the Palestinian people by Israel backed by and perpetrated by the United States.

The Palestinian people are being emasculated, starved, slaughtered and basically held under occupation by Israel, just like they [the Jews] were under Hitler, yet the world and ignores their plight as though it doesn’t exist. Even the Muslim countries bordering Palestine have been co-opted into being dismissive and are giving their tacit acceptance and approval of this occupation to gain acceptance of this country’s imperial prowess.

We have come to a place now, where black men, black women and black children are being murdered – basically lynched – openly on the streets of America in broad daylight and on national television and we still, as Minister Farrakhan says, haven’t been moved to fight back.

Oh, we (I) take to Facebook and Twitter to spout our disgust, but that’s it. Most of us. Including me, are hidden behind our laptops and desktops whaling away at the horrors of police murdering is, all the while, and knowing full well, we are just glad it wasn’t us, or one of our family members.

Some of those so called WOKE SOB’s even have the audacity to still believe, to still say, oh, why didn’t he place both his hands on the steering wheel, why didn’t yassar or nawsar, why did he run, why didn’t he just show his ID, why didn’t he keep fighting back as he was getting the hell beat out of him, to imply I presume, he wouldn’t have been humiliated, dehumanized and murdered if had just been a compliant negro.

As a minister Farrakhan see it in his speech, maybe, just maybe, at the moment men like Rayshard Brooks, who was recently murdered in Atlanta, decided at the moment he was about to be handcuffed, that his life was about to change forever anyway- so maybe at that moment he simply said – I am going to die one day any way, or once these handcuffs are on me, I won’t have a snowballs chance in hell of saving myself.

I am sure Rayshard Brooks didn’t wake up that morning, as I am sure most of us don’t, having made the decision that today is the day I will die for something.

I am quite sure it was something he felt – that feeling that 99.99999 perfect of us have never felt – and that thing he was so impassioned about [a decision on the moment, a circumstantial choice] that his inner self called upon him to react the way that he did.

So, we can debate if, or when they come for us all we want, but frankly, they have never stopped coming for us.

Along the way, all that has happened is that they have stepped up their game and each time a new threshold, a new zone of tolerance, a new line in the sand is drawn. A line line we think, oh, they would not dare cross.

But they do cross the line, so we draw another line and they cross that one too. It’s analogous to the kid on the playground, where he draws the line in the dust and dares the bully to cross it. The bully crosses it, so the kid draws another one and then dares him to cross it – so on and so on.

Finally the kid gives up and either takes the ass whipping or it’s left up to the bully to either have mercy on the kid drawing the line and not whip his ass – at least that day, but reserves the right to come back and whip his ass another day.

Now the bully, the autocrat like trump with his SS stormtroopers, the police, like Hitler, says her mother fuckers, we have crossed your line so whatcha gonna bout it?

So, at this moment in time, at this moment of reflection, I am not calling out anyone, I am taking pot shots or swipes at anyone. My following thoughts are [as the greatest musical artist of all times – in my opinion] wrote and sang about – take a look at the Man in the Mirror. I am looking at myself and the man looking back at me – is ME.

Emancipation – 157 Years Old!

Emancipation Proclamation Framework

Emancipation – That Day of such Hope!

The Day of Emancipation: Courtesy- Quart

The Emancipation Proclamation.

157 years old.

One can’t help but to reflect on what it was probably like on the day to newly/officially freed slaves.

To argue the reasoning for Lincoln’s decision, and the imperfections of the document, there can’t be any argument that it was a giant first step in delivering us from the bondage of slavery.

Just try an imagine for a moment – an alternative outcome – if there were someone as president, and I am sure you’ll leave the dinner table today with an emptiness in your stomach, and knowing in your heart, that while wasn’t made perfect, it was sure as hell made better.

Consider some of these poignant points

Being a Slave

  • No day ever dawned for a slave, nor is it looked for”, a freed black man wrote. “It is all night, all night forever”
    One white Mississippian wrote: ” I’d rather be dead, than be a nigger on one these big plantations”.
  • A slave entered the world in a one room, dirt floor shack; drafty in Winter, reeked in Summer. Slave cabins breed phenomena, typhus, cholera, lockjaw, tuberculous, and other debilitating illnesses and diseases.
  • Fewer than 4 out a hundred lived to be 60
  • The child who survived, and went to fields at 12, were likely to have rotten teeth, worms, dysentery, malaria
  • Hundreds, maybe thousands of women were constantly raped, physically and mentally abused by their masters and his wives, and forced to be mistresses on slave masters and their sons.
  • New slave mothers were often milked like cows for their breast milk to feed the white babies and often were denied breast feeding their own new-born babies, a practice called Wet Nusing
  • A slave could expect to be sold at least once, maybe twice, oftentimes more
  • There were 8 million people in the South at the start of the Civil War – 6 million of them were slaves

Elections matter!